Healthtech from

The Nordics to Asia

Linking up Innovative Nordic Healthtech Solutions
 To Asia Markets and Investments

Give advice to the Nordic healthtech entrepreneurs, offer suggestions to formulate a comprehensive Asia Strategy, seeking market expansion and or acquiring appropriate capitals from Asia channels.  Investigate the client’s competitive advantages over the other similar industry tech players in Asia.  With the help from the regional legal counsels, make recommendations for local patent applications and various regulatory concerns.


Utilize our linking expertise to line up potential healthtech distributors service providers in key Asia countries for Nordic clients to consider.  Introduce Nordic clients to interested Asia investors and fund capitalists with further tele-interview arrangements in place.  Bridge and communicate between different cultures, different approaches of doing business.


Implement the agreed action plan according to both the formulated Asia Strategy and client’s directives in the Asia time zones.  Monitor phasic success, measure results and move on to next steps.  Act as clients’ extended arm and report the progress in a regular basis.  Involve in the regional team formation process.  Facilitate the decision making necessary to drive the right action at the right time.


When you are ...

Nordic Healthtech Entrepreneur

  • innovative tech foundation

  • accomplish certain level of local EU market exposure already

  • fulfil favourable conditions to grow and expand further

  • whether the solution is for a niche application or aiming to solve the pressing broader health issues 

Asia Investor

  • with healthtech medtech advisory input

  • embrace the Nordic life philosophies of simplicity and moderation

  • diversified portfolio and at the same time with dedicated personnel to engage in Nordic opportunities

Medica Press

"By 2020, Asia Pacific is expected to surpass EU as the world's 2nd largest medtech market (after USA)"

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